Sarah Sheffield, Ph.D.

White woman with glasses smiles at camera. hand outstretched onto a dinosaur footprint
Touching a theropod dinosaur’s footprint in Dinosaur Ridge, CO

Hello! My name is Sarah Sheffield-welcome! I am an evolutionary paleobiologist, which means that I look at how organisms have evolved through time by studying the fossil record. I am an assistant professor at The University of South Florida in Tampa, FL USA.

I’ve written this website so that anyone who enjoys science can learn a little about my research, teaching, outreach, and the fantastic students working with me in the lab.

I spend most of my time doing what I love the most-teaching paleontology and looking at gorgeous fossils, but when I’m not, I love reading, hiking, kayaking, making awkward looking crafts, and spending time with my bunnies, guinea pigs, and dogs.

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